Why is Rooibos recommended for you ?

Why is Rooibos recommended for you ?
In a previous blog post, we have highlighted the health benefits of Rooibos tea. You may visit that post here.

We will summarize some of them here :

Rooibos is a caffeine-free infusion. That is the key reason more and more people have turned to it in the recent years.

Due to its relaxing effects, rooibos is a perfect drink to calm anxiety and cope with stress. It helps us to fall asleep and to stay relaxed.

On the other hand, rooibos is the perfect infusion for pregnant women and also for people who suffer from allergies. As if that were not enough, it is a great infusion for athletes since, being an isotonic drink, it is ideal to drink after playing sports. In addition, antioxidants are also present in this magical elixir from the lands of Cederberg to fill our cups.

Many people also turn to rooibos to lose weight, since substituting sugary drinks for rooibos is a wise move if we are looking to change our lifestyle to healthier habits.

If we add its digestive properties to its relaxing properties, we can say that you should buy rooibos to always have in your pantry.
If you are looking for Rooibos for children, at Societhe we offer you a wide assortment. As Rooibos is a caffeine-free infusion, it is a perfect infusion for any age. The flavor of rooibos is already a sweet flavor in itself, without the need to be sweetened with sugar, honey or another sweetener. For this reason, offering rooibos to children is a healthy alternative to the sugary drinks that are often marketed for children, such as juices or soft drinks. The multiple varieties of rooibos that we offer in our store are all suitable for the little ones. Of course, we sell pure rooibos, but we also sell flavoured rooibos such as vanilla rooibos, cinnamon rooibos, fruits rooibos, milk rooibos, chocolate and mint rooibos ... a sensory experience for the little ones.

Are there any counter indications to rooibos?

To date, the few studies that have been carried out on rooibos have not shown contraindications to rooibos.

To experience any contraindications or side effects of rooibos in your own body, you would have to have a pre-existing disease that could be affected by rooibos infusion. In addition, this disease would not be affected by drinking one or two cups of rooibos, you would have to drink liters of this infusion and daily.

Rooibos can increase estrogen levels in your body. This makes it great for flattering our mood. However, people with breast cancer or diseases related to hormones should avoid abusing this drink and consult with their doctor.

Although rooibos can promote liver enzymes, there is an isolated case of hepatoxicity from rooibos abuse.

Balance and variety is the key to our health. That is why under a healthy diet and lifestyle you will find in rooibos an infusion with numerous health benefits. Its pleasant flavor and its innumerable mixtures with spices, fruits and flowers, make this African shrub an attractive option for all audiences.

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