Uncover the Secret to Healthy Lifestyle with Rooibos Tea

Uncover the Secret to Healthy Lifestyle with Rooibos Tea

Looking for health secrets? Drinking tea in your daily appetite can boost your health by strengthening your immune system. Besides a healthy immune system, drinking tea has incredible benefits for skin due to antioxidants. Following a wide range of varieties of teas that include green tea like Matcha, Sencha, or the red tea, known as Rooibos comes with tens of flavors. With each flavor, you will savor a unique taste of refreshing and heavenly scent of the leafy brew.

Tea Flavors

The secret to tastier tea is concealed in the brewing method of tea. Also, time and the amount of heat greatly affects the taste of the tea. But, before you begin brewing the tea, it’s better to know about flavors and tastes.

Grassy, Sweet, Nutty, Pleasant, but not Bitter

Yes, we’re taking about Matcha! The finely grinded leaf powder is rich with vitamin and antioxidants. Unlike any other tea, Matcha tea has varying grades that depend on factors like exposure to oxygen, texture, and fineness. While you make your next Matcha, start by sifting to filter so that the powder is dissolved in the water. The next step is to whisk with some hot water in the bowl and move to and fro to ensure that there are no lumps. Then. Pour small volume of hot water and steamed milk. If you’re drinking Matcha for the first time, we recommend adding some maple syrup or honey.

That’s all about what Matcha tastes like, and how can you better make the Matcha tea for the next sip.

Green Tea (Matcha Latte)

How does the Rooibos/Red Bush Tea Benefit Health?

Rooibos/Red Tea is another herbal tea that comes from the South African native plant leaves, Apalathus Linearis Shrub. While every tea contains healthy compounds, Rooibos tea offers its own set of health benefits. The red tea doesn’t contain “caffeine” which makes it best to consume for pregnant women, children and those allergic to caffeine. It also has low levels of tannins that are largely found in plant based foods including green tea and black tea. Tannins influence the content of iron in the body which may have positive as well as negative effects on health.

Red Bush Tea/Rooibos Tea

The Secret to the Taste of Rooibos Tea is Low Tannins

Your next question about the Rooibos Tea is What Does Rooibos Tea Tastes Like? Well, taste has always been a matter of personal preference, but the aftertaste and mouthfeel should be considered. The Rooibos tastes like a little nutty and sweet since the amount of tannins are lower compared to green or black tea.

So, how about brewing the “Caffeine Free” red tea? People have different methods for brewing Rooibos. You either make the Rooibos with/without milk, weak or strong taste that gives an incredible mouthfeel and after taste.

If you have been sipping on the same taste for a long time, now might be the good time to experience a new taste. With a little ground cinnamon and vanilla extract add on, your Rooibos latte will be incredibly savory!

Begin with boiling 2/3 cup of water in the pan. Once water is boiled, steep Rooibos for 5 minutes. Make milk froth with frothing machine or do some shake (Simmer and Stir) to make the froth. Add half t-spoon vanilla extract, a t-spoon honey and sprinkle ground cinnamon on your latte.

Cinnamon Red Rooibos Latte

This Rooibos latte recipe comes rich with nutrients and minerals and adds an amazing experience as you snuffle the scent a little while drinking. Besides having a tasty brew, the latte is rich in minerals that have tremendous psychological benefits. Also, you can have a wide range or flavors starting from traditional green Matcha to Hibiscus, peppermint green Matcha, and many more.

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