Rooibos Tea : why should you turn to it ?

Rooibos Tea : why should you turn to it ?

Is Rooibos Really A Tea?

There are many customers who come to our store to buy rooibos tea. Although tea is an infusion, it must be clarified that not all infusions are tea, since only infusions from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis should be called tea. It is more correct to say rooibos infusion than rooibos tea, since rooibos comes from an African bush, specifically from Aspalathus Linearis and not from Camellia Sinensis.

Leaving this small clarification aside, we will use this post to clarify what rooibos is, talk about its properties, its contraindications and the most demanded rooibos in our online tea and infusions store.

Why should you prefer Rooibos ?

But it's not the flavor that has made rooibos famous. In the 21st century where we are all in a hurry and problems of anxiety, insomnia and stress are the daily bread in our society ... a drink without caffeine and relaxing, is what a large public demands.

And that is to say that rooibos has theine is a big mistake, as is saying that rooibos has caffeine. That is why we explained above the difference between tea and rooibos to clarify that this infusion does not come from Camellia Sinensis and therefore the chemical composition of the plant is not the same at all.

That rooibos is a caffeine-free infusion is the key reason its sales have increased in recent years. And it is that many people find in rooibos an alternative to tea, and more and more public are aware of the benefits of rooibos and take it to their cups. Due to its relaxing effects, rooibos is a perfect drink to calm anxiety and cope with stress. It helps us to fall asleep and to stay relaxed. On the other hand, rooibos is the perfect infusion for pregnant women and also for people who suffer from allergies. As if that were not enough, it is a great infusion for athletes since being an isotonic drink it is ideal to drink after playing sports. In addition, antioxidants are also present in this magical elixir from the lands of Cederberg to fill our cups.

Many people also turn to rooibos to lose weight, since substituting sugary drinks for rooibos is a wise move if we are looking to change our lifestyle to healthier habits

What are the different types of rooibos ?

Just as when we talk about tea we can talk about different types of tea according to their degree of oxidation, when talking about rooibos we can differentiate two types of rooibos based on their degree of oxidation.

If we add its digestive properties to its relaxing properties, we can say that you should buy rooibos to always have in your pantry.

You will find an extensive variety of perfumed Rooibos in our Collection, as is and organic.

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