Here is How Consuming Green Tea Revitalizes your Gut and Build Strong Immune System

Here is How Consuming Green Tea Revitalizes your Gut and Build Strong Immune System

 Ever wondered about the history of tea? Well, the leafy drink has rich history spanning thousands of years and across dynasties. Tea has long been used as a medicinal drink due to its health benefits and later become a popular and most consumed drink in the west.

With the rich history of tea that confluences from Tibet, China, and Japan, the drink has evolved to a more scented and pleasant brew in the modern world. Research has shown tremendous health benefits of consuming tea and provided evidence of wellness from the centuries’ old practice of consuming tea by the emperors.

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Brew your Spring with a Hot Cup of Green Tea

Consuming Tea Routinely has Tremendous Health Benefits

Tea is known to contain probiotics, polyphenol and antioxidants. These nutrients help cleansing your digestive tract and remove free radicals from the body. Pu-erh and Kombucha tea are rich with antioxidants and probiotics and known for lowering the risk of cancer and improve good cholesterol. While green tea and black tea combat cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Consuming tea is one of the secret ingredient to wellness and a healthy life style.

Green for Weight loss

Green Tea Improves more than Gut Health

Green Tea consumption and wellness has become a buzz word in recent times. Its anti-inflammatory properties and nutrients keep the gut healthy. Besides having a healthy gut, it improves immune system, mental health, mood, and skin conditions. People with unhealthy gut often experience problems such as cravings for sweets, Upset stomach, fatigue, autoimmune condition, and unwanted weight conditions. This soul soothing beverage is known to improve gut health and hence gives you a refreshing and incredible sensation of relief.

Strengthen Digestive System and Help Develop Good Bacteria

The gut microbiome are microorganisms that live in the intestine and excess of these microorganism or also known as good bacteria improve your health. A person has typically 300-500 microorganisms in the digestive tract that are responsible for their health. With more good bacteria in your gut, your immune system strengthen itself, resulting in lower depression and other health conditions. Your digestive healthy is largely dependent on having a healthy gut, and consuming “Tea” a minimum of twice a day strengthen the gut and hence improve your digestive system.


What Does Green Tastes Like? 

Besides health benefits, the aromatic odor and heavenly pleasant flavor totally makes you fall for the beverage. Green tea like “Matcha Tea” or “Sencha Tea” makes the best tea to start your day afresh. The Matcha tea tastes so smooth and perfect that the taste feels like nuttiness, not so bitter with vegetal notes and a sweet sensation. If you have ever consumed “Matcha” before, you must have felt a little more confused describing its taste. However, the greenish powdered beverage tastes differently depending on brewing and also cultivation.

The “Sencha Tea” tastes bitter sweet with light scent due to buds and leaves of the plant. The “Camellia Sinesis” is yellow in color and categorized in “Green Tea” as the leafy tea is not processed. Among the most popular types of Sencha, “Shincha Tea” is the most consumed tea form of tea and harvested in “spring” seasons. The tea is also known as “New Tea” or “Spring Tea” due to its active ingredients and ability to retain nutrients.

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Green Tea Improves Overall Health

Your gut health is dependent on the amount of healthy bacteria or “Microbiota” in your body. Although there are many food sources that contain probiotics, but they can’t be consumed anytime. However, consuming green tea as a source of probiotic is the easiest way by which you can improve your gut health. Green tea detoxify the lever by flushing out the toxins and boost energy level in the body. If you haven’t tried taking green tea in your diet along, you been missing serious source of wellness and a balanced life style. Besides bodily health, consuming also green tea also soothes mind and gives relaxed sensation due to “Theanine”.

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