Harness the Power of Detox Tea to Cleanse your Body

Harness the Power of Detox Tea to Cleanse your Body

Detox Tea has become a popular drink since the beginning of 21st century, but its detoxifying capability has long been recognized. People have been using several methods to get rid of toxins until the 20th century. From bloodletting, enemas, sweet lodging and other techniques, detox tea is largely consumed due to taste and ease of making. But, the question remains, why do we need to detox?

To Keep the Toxins Away!

Flush Away Toxins and Rejuvenates the Body

How Toxins Harm your Body?

Toxins are harmful substances in the form of protein, peptides, or other tiny molecules. Toxins, when contact with living cells lead to several disease from high to low severity. Toxicants damage enzymes and limit production of hemoglobin. They limit the capacity of the body to fight free radicals that cause weaker bones and accelerates aging.

Detox tea is popularly consumed as its flushes toxins in the body. It removes toxins from blood in the liver and also remove toxins from lungs, kidney, and skin. In the realm of health and fitness, Matcha is the widely sought after drink and consumed in more than hundreds of forms including matcha cakes and ice cream. 

Matcha Detox Latte

If you’re a fitness freak, you must have noticed Mactha detox becoming a buzz word on Instagram or facebook. Many nutritionists and fitness coach regularly consume Matcha to detox the body. Besides health benefits, mouthfeel and aftertaste make you addictive with following flavorful blends.

Green Yerba Mate Mactha:

Blends the scent of South American and Japanese Matcha, brings the tasting notes of Walnut and Toast without adulteration.

Rooibos Choco Mocha:

Brews the Ethiopian coffee mocha and South African Rooibos/Red Bush contains the taste of Butterscotch, Calendula Petals, Natural Flavors, and Decaffeinated Coffee. This blends make a perfect mix of Coffee and Chocolate that can shake your receptors.

Tropical Orange:

The tropical is orange is just like the name suggests, you can drink it hot or cold with some side snacks. Mixed with the natural essence, calendula petals, rooibos, and safflower to brighten your day and mood.

A Finely Grounded and Steamed Mactha has It All....!

With increasing health issues ranging from auto immune disease to heart disease and blood pressure, detoxifying the body has become essential. When you drink Matcha Powder, you consume the whole leaves that contain chlorophyll. This substances helps detox the body by improving liver function. Unlike the matcha loose tea leaves that you steep, consuming the fine matcha powder provide all the nutrients to the body. The leaves are steamed, grounded and dried to turn the leaves into fine powder.

Finely grounded and dried Matcha Powder

Matcha is the Secret to Youthful and Smooth Skin

Matcha is widely used for its anti-inflammatory properties and oxidation reduction property. Matcha offers tremendous benefits to skins as the compounds have more 137 oxidants than any other tea. This prevents accelerated aging which is caused by oxidative stress. The compounds also improve complexion and evenness of the skin as methylxtanthines stimulate microcirculation in the skin. These are one of many reasons due which matcha has become a popular drink. Several skin conditions like acne and damage from UV rays and pollution damage the dermis and epidermis. A brimming little cup of the brew can make your skin healthy and shiny.

Oolong Tea

Drink Oolong Tea for Light and Brightly Floral Taste

Oolong Tea is also known and widely used for its oxidation properties. Some Oolong tea are quite similar to back tea, whereas other Oolong tea is similar to green tea in terms of flavor. However, Oolong tea contains full branches, buds, and leaves. The flavors of Oolong tea is bright and lively refreshing due to buds and branches and contains the compounds of green and black tea. The flavor of Oolong tea largely varies depending on the methods of cultivation and processing. The tea is highly consumed due to its light and bright taste with thick mouthfeel and fruity taste.

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