Get Rid of Caffeine with Rooibos Tea

Get Rid of Caffeine with Rooibos Tea

Consuming caffeine based beverages sure sounds a healthy claim, but have you though how living a caffeine free life might affect you? Well, we’re not talking about taking caffeine away from your life, but giving something that offers benefits worth gulping down the throat hot or cold! The beverage industry worth more than $20 billion with tens of new drinks launching every other day. There are more than 1 billion people drinking coffee everyday due to obvious benefits of caffeine. From faster metabolism to mental attention, caffeine offers health benefits. However, going caffeine free also comes with worthy benefits that might keep your health checklist updated.

Drinking Red Rooibos Tea

How Caffeinated Drinks are Harmful? 

Where we drink caffeinated drinks to get the necessary energy boost, it triggers our sympathetic system responsible for fight and flight response. Consequentially, increases our alertness and increase anxiety and heart rate in the process. On the other hand, Rooibos tea helps reducing stress and nervous breakdown due to no caffeine and a little amount of tannins. People prone to anxiety might find coffee a little worse due to increase in fight and flight response. However, Rooibos calms you and doesn’t derive fight and flight response. Also, consuming Rooibos is recommended for babies at it helps soothing stomach cramps.


Consuming Rooibos Tea Helps Break Bad Sleep Patterns.

Rooibos tea is known for its gentle and soothing effects without being sedative and helps in better sleep. Consuming caffeinated drinks can alter sleep patterns and result in lack of sleep at night and daytime drowsiness. Rooibos is often given to children to soothe and help them sleep. With low levels of tannins in the Rooibos, it doesn’t taste astringent rather tastes sweet. It offers a blissful and a peaceful night sleep without disturbance. People who consume a cup of Rooibos may find it easier to sleep than the ones who consume caffeinated beverage like coffee or black tea.


Rooibos Tea Improves Absorption of Nutrients 

Nutrients guarantee a healthy lifestyle that you need the most. People consuming caffeinated drinks often lead to inhabiting nutrients in the body. The amount of tannins in the body discourage absorption of nutrients in the body. Among other nutrients, Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin B are the most prominent and common nutrients that caffeine doesn’t absorb. However, Rooibos tea helps absorption of these nutrients. People with imbalance diet, high caffeine develop healthy related problems at old age. Consuming Rooibos tea daily can help better absorption of nutrients. Consequently, improve overall mental as well as physical health.

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Balances Hormones in Women

Besides the fiendishly amazing benefits of Rooibos tea for people of every age and gender. Drinking Rooibos particularly help creating balance of hormones in women. Caffeinated drinks like soda, coffee or tea can alter the levels of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is one of the important hormones in human body. It’s responsible for female reproductive system and physical features. Rooibos tea helps maintain balance of hormones and prevent several adverse health conditions. Many health practitioners recommend drinking Rooibos during pregnancy as it may help soothe pain. It helps in digestive issues and problems related to stomach due to antioxidants.

Red Rooibos Tea Benefits

Rooibos Tea Saves from Many Potential Diseases

Whether you wish to drink Rooibos tea hot or cold, it’ll deliver the set of tremendous benefits that caffeinated drinks don’t offer. It fosters healthier teeth due to no caffeine and low amount of tannins. People who drink caffeinated beverages have discolored teeth due to enamel wear and tear. Besides, tooth health, Rooibos tea is effective in balancing brain chemistry while also lowering blood pressure. Consuming higher proportion of caffeine increases your blood pressure. Taking high intake of caffeine is also scientifically related to developing cardiovascular disease. Caffeine is also an addictive substance and excessive consumption of caffeine is therefore discouraged by health practitioners.

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