Experiencing the nuances of every kind of tea

Why do people drink a variety of teas?
Will you ever taste just one flavor of ice cream? When you know that there are plenty more tastes to explore. Different teas offer unique tastes and have nutrients that help other body functions.
For tea lovers, a hot cup of their favorite tea is essential. However, they also try other kinds of teas for taste variation and varying health benefits. The Japanese celebrate this drink as part of their culture and organize tea ceremonies.

  Rooibos tea
Rooibos is also known as red tea. Red tea helps one’s digestive system and maintains healthy body weight. The organic rooibos tea fights cancerous cells, reduces nausea, and cures an upset stomach. Regular intake of this organic tea helps improve the sleep cycle too.
Made from the red bush, this herbal tea gives a mildly sweet taste. Rooibos, like other teas, is often available in different blends by mixing herbs. While some tea lovers cherish the organic taste, others like to mix things up, so they try the combinations that appeal to their palates.
Societhe produces rooibos tea in the following blends Organic rooibos, Sunshine rooibos, Masala chai rooibos, and St. Tropez rooibos. All these blends differ in taste and color. Likewise, black tea and green tea have different mixes.

Subscription box
A subscription box is a perfect solution for tea lovers who want to expand their palate and enjoy a wide range of Rooibos, Matcha, Green tea, black tea, Detox tea, weight loss tea, fitness tea, caffeine-free, Chai, Latte, etc.
Healthy tea societies like Societhe offer a subscription box. The VIP membership entitles you to rebates and lets tea lovers try new and unique blends of teas. They can have the tea of their choice delivered to their doorstep.
Once you get the subscription box, you’ll be familiar with all fresh blends of teas that offer uniques flavor and benefit your health. The VIP membership will introduce you to people who are tea lovers just like you.
With them, you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of the finest blends ever made. Even the regular and loyal customers don’t get the privileges that are offered to VIP members.

Benefits of tea
Healthy teas can provide many health benefits to the consumer. Mentioned below are just a few of them:
Reduced risk of diseases
Tea has the potential to improve blood circulation in the body. Hence, it also results in reducing the chances of having heart diseases. Detox teas ensure widened arteries and prevention of blood clotting.
Water hydrates our body, and with added benefits of herbal tea, it provides detoxification to the body. Healthy teas like green tea and caffeine-free tea are an excellent source for the body’s hydration.
Scientific studies have proven that regular tea intake can help the body reduce fat and burn extra calories. It also speeds up the body’s metabolism rate.
Tooth decay
Tea intake also strengthens teeth. Healthy teas work as antioxidants. They fight against harmful bacteria, prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.
Memory power
Some doctors also believe that certain teas help in sharpening memory. Although teas don’t help Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, they can prevent it from happening.

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